I just experienced the death of my father. It was suddenly and unexpectedly. Now I fear my beloved ones could die at any time, without letting me to say how much I love them.
--Mina, Female, Argentina

I'm afraid about dead and become old. Sometimes I have this nightmare: I dream that I must to climb a high wall. (excuse my poor english).
--Cecilia, Female, Argentina

i am afraid not to able of writing a poem;

my young fears of getting no love,
on having yours, dissapeared.
of losing you , i was scared
and when it happened
i also died, so now , tell me , dear
what next?, i know the worst
what else could i fear?
--Marta, Female, Argentina

not to feel happy ever again by surprising at little things
--Marta, Female, Argentina

I fear fear, as itīs the cause of many things that threaten human beings: war, crimes, corruption...Instead of opening up, it seems like human beings act violently when they fear something.
--Karina, Female, Argentina

I don't think I'm afraid of just one issue in my life.There are many fears that I can daily deal with. There is one thing that really scares me.I'm afraid I'm not the only one. My biggest fear... That from now until the day I die nobody will fall in love or want to spend his life with me. Relationships are so difficult to bare.There are as many trues as souls in this world. I really want to be loved again.Because I was twice... I want to feel that again.I just can't stand being lonely anymore. I don't think life is worthit if there's nobody by my side to share ups and downs.
--Glamoura, Female, Argentina

I am afraid of not being able to do all the things that came to my mind when I think about my future
--Alejandro, Male, Argentina

All the things you named but I see them in a different way than you expressed. Loneliness and not being cared about and invisibility - they are all the same thing, are they not? Invisibility can actually be a good thing - I often fear being exposed more - for my limitations, but also a fear exposing myself will somehow mean my death. As long as I keep my soul within me, it is alive in one way, though dead to the world. But when I expose it, it seems to lose its connection with its source and is all of a sudden the world's property to judge and shape and whatnot. Thus I fear being creative, while also fearing being seen as a dead object for others to use, esp. men, as a piece of meat. I guess I want people to know I am sentient and I don't want to produce anything for their consumption. My overprotective mother also seemed to consume and own anything I produced, so it's not just men, but they certainly confirm this fear out of their own fear of me as woman/mother owning them. The less I am the more they are. But they do this to each other too so I don't know.
--Wannabe, Female, Argentina