Never get to be what I want to be
--Daniel, Male, Colombia

I live in a country in which anyone can be afraid of anything, because here everything is possible. Every minute of every day I am afraid of others, I am always afraid of people in the street, always feeling that the next person I see in the middle of the street is going do do something to me, an agression against me. I am afraid of smiling, and I love to do it, because I see people arround me so confused, that a simple smile can awake a lot of hate and violence in others. People react in all negative ways against anything, but not just a rude reaction but even harm you or kill you, kick you, break you a window or even kill you.
--Natalia, Female, Colombia

I am afraid of being murdered, somebody was shot in my neighborhood, last years we were all threatened, we were acused of colaborating with the guerrilla.
--Adriana Ortiz, Female, Colombia