I am not afraid of nightmares.They are just dreams and I appriciate dreams. I feel nice when I am dreaming,even if I am awake.I don't want to confess what i'm afraid of because I'll realise that I don't differ from anybody else and all people want to make a difference.I guess I get sad because deep inside I know that my dreams won't come true and soon I'll be sucked in the reality that covers us all.I am so afraid that I won't be able to live my life the way I want it and I know that I'll hurt people I love if I try to do so.
--Mary, Female, Hellas

Nightmares, death
--Kelly, Female, Greece

The same as I long for: The ghosts to haunt me.
--tove, Female, Greece

the end of my existence
--magdelene, Female, Greece

Tipota apo ta gymnasiaka mou xronia, pantws.To mono pou fovamai einai mhpws h mousikh mou ypokatasthsei th zwh.
--Maria, Female, Greece

Too much freedom scares me. The feeling that you can do anything ties my hands, my feelings. If you where in a room and somebody told you that you are free to run out of there, in to: everywhere and nowhere...would you run? or stay in?. I'm staying in looking out of the window...
--Myrto, Female, Greece

My worst nightmare would i guess be confronting my father who is actually dead,him being in a state of need and me not being able to help him.Or in a totally different case having to deal with a paranormal or supernatural power of which origins or intentions i have no knowledge
--Maira, Femlae, Greece

I'm afraid i have nothing to say. I feel like i'm wound up and empty inside. I' m afraid of meeting people, take part in discussions, i think they will laugh on me. Fear is prison and i'm afraid i'm a prisoner...
--Zoe, Female, Hellas

i am afraid of the fact that time will never stop and it goes so quickly that soon i will be old. The thing is if we didn't have time we would'nt beable to do anything at all. Things can be over in a second and then all we have left is in our memory.
--Elissa, Female, Greece

--PS, Male, Greece

Am I afraid of something? Being ill I would consider as being the worst! In that case death is considered to be a relief!! While living in good health reminds me of my big fear: misery!!!
--Maria, Female, Greece

Fear. Fear is a block to our creativity, it hinders us from living life to the absolute max, from experiencing everything, from feeling fulfilled. Fullfilment is a state we seek, we always want to be happy, and do not want sadness, we fear it, we attempt to escape it because "its not fun". Understanding that the human experience has all stimuli in store for us, we perhaps might be able to get over our "fears". We fear unwanted situations, but its only an emotion. Try to erase that emotion, erase expectations and live life in the present moment only. As an artist, this has made my mind travel further into the depths of conciousness, as dark and as light as it may get. I know myself, and I have somewhat proved to myself that any fear that I have only limits me, my existance and my taste of the human experience. There exists no reason to live with fears. -
--Theo, Male, Greece

I'm afraid of the unknown.
--Julia, Female, Greece

I'm afraid that i'm afraid of everything.
--Zoe, Female, Greece

only the bad people
--Xristos, Male, Greece

Fears ? Depths, hights, cockroaches, insanity... Nightmares ? Bloody ones...
--Lisa, Female, Greece

Loneliness, having no real friends and most important the possibility of not finding the real love between a man and a woman.
--Matina, Female, Greece

Fears? * That I will one day wake up and realize that I married the wrong person and that I can't leave him (due to children or other factors). * Realizing that moving back to Greece was the wrong decision / being "stuck" in Greece. * Being envious of what others have and realizing that I could've had those things too, if I had chosen a different path in life. These are my fears for the moment. Hopefully in the future these fears will be irrelevant.
--Irini, Female, USA/Greece

I am afraid of earth... this closed system that you cannot escape, the endless plains where there is no way out.... the regurarity and predictability of all things.... where there is nothing to explore...and nothing to wait to happen to you... I am afraid of myself when my feelings overwhelm me and I wanna find a drastic way out of all my trivialities... I am afraid of everything restricting...even if that is an elevator or a marriage or the commitment to a child for all your life... I am afraid that I will be trapped into some kind of arrangement that will sap my freedom and creativity...I am afraid of logical people....
--Aphrodite, Female, Greece

I'm afraid of hurting the persons I love. Which I do very often.
--Nassia, Female, Greece

I like your topic, and I love the graphics you have selected. I also like the opening statement on your web cite. Here goes what I can tell you about my fears: I am afraid not of people or places or circumstances most of the time. What fears me the most is my self. Precisely, I am most afraid of the sins that I may commit in the future. Not unintentional sins or harming others without intention, but sins that I commit willingly so very often. I believe in God, so I believe that no one can harm me, if harm is considered to be sins of the heart or of the body, unless I, with my free will, commit sin. In that sense I am the only one who can harm myself in a Christian sense. Thus, I fear my sins more than anything else, for they alone can harm my body and soul. Good luck with your search. It is surely an interesting quest. I hope it ansewrs questions about your fears. I hope it opens windows to your art work.
--Anonymous, Female, Greece

I'm afraid of me! I'm afraid of me, being so dreamy, not being able to land in the real world. I get afraid when I see all the people around me, so much different than me .I am afraid that all my dreams will be an obstacle in finding happiness because I always feel so unsatisfied .when I do something or when I am somewhere I wish I could be somewhere else .I feel that my life is boring ...I fear of not living the way I wish. I fear that I won't be able to change that! I love life and there are so many things I wish I could do and hope that Iíll do!!!
--Alex, Female, Greece

My greatest fear is the chaos that will definitely come if those of us alive today continue as we are and leave behind a world uninhabitable for our children - for my son. My personal responsibility for that catastrophe - however tiny - would be unbearable to carry.
--Michael, Male, Greece

I'm afraid of loneliness and I'm afraid of illness. My worse nightmare is finding my self in pain, lying on a bed with no one around to hold my hand and tell me that I'm not alone. I'm afraid of loosing the people that I love. I'm afraid of letting down the people that love me.
--Alexandra, Female, Greece

Death!!! I am afraid that one morning I wont be able to wake up. I fear that this might happen really soon. I believe that I will die very young without enjoying the "good" life. Sometimes I feel that my surroundings won't help me to live more...
--Annie, Female, Greece

When i was a kid i used to have the same nightmare all over again:it was a strange feeling of loosing the sense of porpotions in a way that things around me used to have uneven sizes comparing to real life.Well it may sound kind of strange but it is difficult to explain since it was more like a feeling than a real life experience.If i tried to think about my biggest fear today maybe i would say that what i fear the most is actually to disappoint myself and loose my self respect. This disappointment may be due to the fact that I failed to give the best of my love to the persons who deserve it. I also fear the fact not being able to give myself the best that I deserve.Well these are my fears today.I you ask me tomorrow i may have different things to tell you!!!AU REVOIR everybody.
--Alexis, Male, Greece

Few things that come to mind for me: fear of flying (sweating palms and feet during takeoff, landing and turbulence), fear of falling (I could never find the courage to bungee jump or parachute), fear of needles (I can look at the most gruesome scenes on tv but I close my eyes when a syringe shows up - and I faint when somebody takes blood from me), fear of suddenly realizing in public that I am naked (this was only in my childhood dreams, may be this is why I turned out an exhibitionist, to fight my fear), fear of being in a free-falling elevator (also a childhood dream with no apparent manifestation in adulthood), fear of talking to the public (which I overcome after few minutes of talking to my audience),
--Alexandros, Male, Greece

I stand in a white room with a lot of people. I'm wearing black and I'm beautiful but nobody sees me. I speak but nobody listens.
--Zoe, Female, Greece

I'm completely terrified that I won't be able to get everything done and find funding for this exhibition.
Zoe, Female, Greece