I really fear that too many people wonīt study the Bible enough to know the real truth about our future(Revelation). I fear they wonīt know how to be aware of evil and fight it in Jesus name if necessary. I fear that so many people will not use the opportunity to chose the gift of life, to accept Jesus Christ in their lives, the gift of Salvation. I fear the Devil will be able to lead millions of the track without them knowing it. My personal fears are nothing compared to my fears for the human race. Thanks to my Lord and Savior I can confess my fears for Him daily in prayer and He will carry my fears for me and let me rest in Him. Jesus will be back soon and I want to leave you with the words from a song I made 1998.

The eleventh hour.

The eleventh hour
is going to be bitter and sour
do you really want to wait
until itīs too late.
Come here my friend
and join your Saviours hand
look at the ways
one is narrow one is wide
youīve got to make a choice
I pray you make the right.
Donīt think it over twice
itīs like rolling the dize
donīt gamble with your heart
the Devil is too smart.
Your Saviour died on the cross
for you and me
He really loves
and His only wish
is to set us free.

With love and prayers for all of you that hear this, Alda.
--Alda, Female, Iceland