I think your site is really cool in a creeeepyyy manner! A couple of peoples fears did manage to psych me up.... but hey guys chilll.... This is just Zoes experiment..... Not God's list of fears to be removed!!! Keep up the scary work anywayzzz Zoooeee.... brrr....!!!!!
--Scared, Female, India

I'm very much feared about the human beings. Because,I am not able to judge them.They have a smile on their face but horrer in their heart.
--R. Siva, Male, India

afraid of not being able to reach out to those who need me; afraid of my dark side/wishes coming true.
--Pooja, Female, India

darkness. aids. lack of recognition in work. that at some point I may give up leading a radical and unconventional life and end up living by the book. madness. not having babies before i'm 38. eventually end up living in the us. third world will become a homogenised world like the first world. stop finding men interesting and attractive altogether.
--Shaan, Female, India