hidden shapes in the dark irrational events that destroy the good sense i mean, for example, a cow flying, or a baby walking on the top wall or a men turning his head of 360
--Anonymous, Male, Italy

I'm a child and I'm afraid of remaining at home alone because I could get hurt and nobody could help me. This is basicly my only fear, except wild animals and thiefs.
--Anna, Female, Italy

I'm afraid to be afraid to live. Nightmares become reality when something that I don't know take my soul and my body and give them a sensation of death. Anything goes on and all my dreams and my passion are stopped. It's a loneliness that I can't explain. My energy is so big and I think that I only need to recognise my way. I just know that I couldn't live without art, music, pictures...
--Stefania, Female, Italia

ho paura della gelosia perche mi fa sentire stupido e infantile. ho paura di dire le cose perche non voglio esporre troppo i miei pensieri e ho paura che le persone possano intenderli male. ho paura di non avere abbastanza soldi per realizzare i miei desideri. ho paura che la mia intelligenza a volte sia presa per arroganza. ho paura di tante altre cose e soprattutto in questo momento ho paura che non prendiate sul serio le mie paure e non mi rispondiate.
--Valario, Male, Italia

I am afraid that I will live in Holland all of my life.