I am afraid that i might not get the admission from graduate school. I am more afraid than usual because a good friend of mine is applying for the same departments in same schools. she has much better GPA's than mine. I'm afraid that she will be accepted and i won't. I'm afraid to tell her my fears because i'm too proud. i'm also afraid that i might start to hate her. i'm also afraid that she might become my worst enemy. i'm afraid that i might become a monster. i'm afraid that i already am.
--Ally, Female, South Korea

Fears? Nightmares? I'm graduate University of Sang myung student. My mager is illustration. I'm afraid of my art staff. Sometimes...when I got some homework.. I didn't any idea. It is so afraid to me. I'm just wanna go to Bannff or Jasper.
--Nara, Female, Korea