I am afraid of almost everything... namely death. what i have noticed is that when i'm depressed, new fears are born... they never existed before the depression. it first started out with claustrophobia, small and dark spaces.. in beirut, a post-war country, we have severe electricity problems... why is it that i am the one who always gets stuck in the elevator.. i am cursed. and then as the depression progressed... i was suddenly afraid to go outside, leave my room... and then i was afraid to fly... afraid of the ocean. now, i'm moving to new york and i intend to take all my fears with me. they have kept me hidden for a while, now i hope that thru my fears, i can achieve something? what? i don't know. but the move to new york, which scares me the most, involves facing every single one of my fears... this should prove to be lots of fun. good luck with your project... and feel free to look me up in new york if you get there... i am very interested to s! ee what happens... ps. nice site.
--zena, Female, Lebanon