I'm afraid of being afraid, i'm afraid of thinking people can know anything about me and the secret life nobody sees and what's inside my head. I'm afraid nothing's real
--Dulce Maria, Female, Mexico

my fear is the dark, an eclipse of faith, to know i came here just to eat and breath, and hope that some day i will have a better life, when life is here and now.
--Victor, Male, Mexico

end of it all, no tomorrow. la dispersion de las fuerzas del artista en la nada.
--Boka, Male, Mexico

I fear going mad. Everytime I feel a strong feeling of fearness, like when a huge wave hits me at the sea, I inmediately fear that I am not going to be able to handle it and that I am going to god mad or crazy at any second.... I really hate this fear.
--Cuauh, Male, Mexico