Not doing the things that I know I should which will save my life, instead I'll procrastinate on a monumental scale and wonder why things are passing me by. Its like getting (close) to something and then when it's in you're grasp wanting to get away from it as fast as possible.
--ben knight, Male, New Zealand

I am afraid of betrayal, lonliness and failing to achieve my dreams. I am also afraid for my mother, who is unwell yet is not getting the care she needs. I fear the future, not having enough money to look after myself and my mother.
--Celeste, Female, New Zealand

--Maximilian, Male, New Zealand

I live in fear of slipping behind other people and becoming a 'loser'and an under-acheiver. I am very hard on myself sometimes and I fear the punishments I inflict on myself when I don't get up to par. Other people in general are scary. I always find myself out on a limb awaiting approval or rejection( the more common outcome ).
--Amy, Female, New Zealand

Life is such an extraordinary thing I am often afraid that i am not going to live and experience it as fully as I am able to! So I guess failure is one of my greatist fears, but failing my own expectations not others.
--Fiona, Female, New Zealand

going to sleep at night,waking up in the middle of the night,thinking that it is reality,wondering why things seem so strange,and realising i have woken up inside my dream.i hate it when it happens and it hapens all the time.i think it's called lucid dreaming,but i've never met anyone else that it has happened to.what scares me most about this is that i worry that i'm gonna be stuck inside my dream forever,and not be able to find a way to get out.maybe this is what happens to people when they're in a coma.i dunno, but i never want to be in one myself.thanks!!!
--Kirsten, Female, New Zealand