i am afraid that choices i make are not the right ones, that i ll never figure out if i am doing a right thing i am afraid of pain of pregnancy, that i won't be able to go throught the whole one.. i am afraid to be a mother and that my ideas are lame and banal
--Marianna, Female, Russia/USA

A nightmare that comes to me from my early childhood from time to time: I am standing in the wood in winter and big pile of snow approaches me, growing bigger and bigger every second. It's a strange feeling of space: anti-space i would say this snowball pulls you inside: both attracts and frightens you. The fear is the most awful one, the fear of the unknown. And as the snowball is close, not smashing, but swalowing me... i die, i mean i wake up.
--Kostya, Male, Russia

I'm afraid, that it is a best world in the universe. I think that there is no place for me in this age of dumbs.
--Roman, Male, Russia