First off all this is a wonderful way of using new technology to create an installation. I would appreciate a correspondence from this, as I am an film/tv student at Edinburgh college of art. I have a deep routed fear of having sex, not that I don't love men, they are the best thing since sliced bread. But because I was raised in Saudi we are compelled to stay virgins until we are married but I have now left that culture and have been living in England for 4 years now have had many boyfriends and lovers but have never had penetrative sex. The fear of regretting who you choose as we have all be heart broken and shat on by men so I am now 23 and still a virgin. I do hope some one will come along but 'What if they don't? will this be the way I live my life? Should I wait till I am married? Will I get married? And so on and so on it is such a deep imbedded affliction that only yesterday I had some Reke healing done and the healer himself sensed it. That is the only thing that scares me besides God.
--Anonymous, Female, Saudi Arabia