I'm afraid of truth that would make my history all about false hopes and impressions.

Like a recent incident that made a long time, all time wonderful friendship seem like all a mistake. A friend not trusting and having faith in me by giving me an opinion coloured by someone who wants to come between us.

I'm afraid to confront the friend for being unfair for I'm afraid to finally lose the friendship. That could lead to admitting to the friend's betrayal after a nice history of wonderful moments spent together.
--Sunny Tan, Female, Singapore

I am afraid of the world of art. Of me being in it. Of me wanting to succeed so badly and the monumental possibility of me failing. The odds are against me. It is an unpredictable life to lead. The future is all I make of it today. I know this and it scares me. I cannot plan. not too much anyway. So little help. Often it feels like i am the only one rooting for myself. I am afraid. I am afraid of me.
--Benny, Male, Singapore

fear of the millennium not knowing wat will happened and the end of the world!!!!
--Sharen, Female, Singapore

sometimes you are forced to forget someone you love. i don't want to forget. i fear that i will lose all memories of my past experiences. i fear that i would forget those moments. everyday i find myself forgetting what it felt like to be with that someone, i don't remember what he sounds like, what he smells like,i'd soon forget his touch... those memories, those experiences are apart of me, and if i lose them, am i losing myself? i don't want to lose myself.
--Farah, Female, Singapore